We are very happy to announce that Stacy Washington and Sarah O'Meara are co-presenting at Aurea Experience 18 New Orleans in the Boot Camp track! A friendly reminder that Boot Camp is FREE for the first time this year, make sure to take advantage of this valuable session! If you haven’t registered for Aurea Experience 18 yet, make sure to do so today!


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Stacy Washington works for the Office of Strategic Integration Veterans Engineering Resource Center and serves as the Office of Strategic Resource Center (VERC) VA Pulse Program Lead who manages the VA Pulse program that fosters a collaborative environment that connects dedicated personnel across the entire Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) service network.


Sarah O'Meara is a Community Manager at DCG Communications supporting the Jive Community for the Department of Veterans Affairs. As a former Community Manager for Jive Software and former teacher, she brings the technical and human aspect of community together to support over 160,000 VA employees.


During Stacy and Sarah's immersive session, you’ll come away with insights on how to best tailor your efforts to train your community on how to utilize Jive for your cross-collaboration efforts! Specifically:

  1. Building out a framework custom to your community's age, size and complexity.
  2. Tailoring Jive's out of the box features for enhancing cross-collaboration efforts.
  3. Training and onboarding insights for your place owners, end users and community managers.



See you at Aurea Experience 18! Don’t forget to register to attend!

Register for Aurea Experience New Orleans Today!


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