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Employee Engagement SpeakersWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

People Network - The Secret Force Driving Employee Engagement by Tej Redkar and Shai Sagi

Work used to be a lot simpler. Employees were often together in a single physical location. They knew the people they worked with and how to reach them.  Today, organizations are becoming more decentralized, more global and virtual. More people are mobile, and many are choosing their own devices and software. In a time of digital crowding, PeopleGraph technology will fundamentally change how employees engage at work.  Attend this session to learn how Jive’s innovative approach will streamline the way individuals collaborate, expedite how people find information and locate experts, and fuel an unprecedented level of employee engagement and productivity - deeply rooted in the people network.

Managing the Tipping Point of a Mature Community by Kim England

Keeping Jive relevant and vibrant through organisational changes and shiny new tools that compete for attention can be a challenge for mature communities. Kim England shares the challenges and successes she and her team have managed through Neo's eight years of being Pearson's communication and collaboration platform.

The New Social Intranet Schaeffler CONNECT by Katrin Fischer

Introducing a social philosophy into a traditional company Implementing an interactive intranet and social collaboration platform in a traditional organization is the easy part. Getting and keeping employees engaged and working in a new way is a much larger challenge - especially when over half of your employees are "deskless". Katrin Fischer shares her methods for changing the way Schaeffler employees communicate and collaborate and offers tips and tricks and best practices.

Advanced & Innovative Engagement Techniques by Hannah Saunders, Ernesto Izquierdo, and Steven Rigby

Got the basics down for engaging your employees using your Jive platform? Getting to the next level can be a challenge. Ernesto Izquierdo from ICRC and the UBM team have some creative ideas for using Jive as the basis for unique and specific types of engagement, including technique for more productive meetings and linking peer-to-peer recognition with charitable giving.

Creating A Learning Movement - Turning Employees Into Collaborators by Dan Thomas

Hive is LBG's social collaboration platform for over 90K employees. Through a carefully orchestrated roll out strategy, including comprehensive training for all types of users, Dan and his team have completely changed the way people work within the organization. In this session, he shares his engagement strategy, techniques, and tips and tricks for enacting this transformation in your organization.


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