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Employee Engagement SpeakersWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

People Network - The Secret Force Driving Employee Engagement by Tej Redkar and Shai Sagi


Work used to be a lot simpler. Employees were often together in a single physical location. They knew the people they worked with and how to reach them.  Today, organizations are becoming more decentralized, more global and virtual. More people are mobile, and many are choosing their own devices and software. In a time of digital crowding, PeopleGraph technology will fundamentally change how employees engage at work.  Attend this session to learn how Jive’s innovative approach will streamline the way individuals collaborate, expedite how people find information and locate experts, and fuel an unprecedented level of employee engagement and productivity - deeply rooted in the people network.

Engaging Team Members Where They Are by Adib Abrahim


The majority of American Airlines’ team members are “untethered”, making connecting and communicating with them a challenge. The airline has been on a post-merger journey to bring together two cultures and ensure that all team members have current, up-to-date and always accessible information. Learn more about how American has used the Jive platform to improve the team member experience, promote a transparent culture, and increase engagement with company news and corporate objectives.

Sparking Culture and Igniting Engagement - Best Practices on Building a Powerful Community: Morgan Stanley by Sheila Kindig, Mary Desmond and Fayaz Lalani


At Morgan Stanley, Jive is an integral element of the communications and social collaboration toolset. Communications teams use Jive for engaging employee audiences on global campaigns and initiatives, and facilitating leadership visibility and interaction with employee groups. Learn about the techniques used for campaigns such as Giving Back, Diversity & Inclusion, and Ask me Anything sessions with execs.

IA Before AI: How To Go Beyond Search To Build A Knowledge Hub by Keeley Sorokti and Mary Garwood


If you make it easy for employees to find key content, they can spend more time selling, supporting customers, and building new products and less time going down the search rabbit hole. Keeley and Mary Ann share their strategies for working with SMEs and content owners to make their content easy to find and absorb. Their content creation, organization, curation, review, and archiving practices help content authors and space owners be more engaged and aware of what is happening across the business and also reduces frustration for employees who often struggle with finding what they need.

Putting The Puzzle Together: Methods For Keeping Jive Thriving & Employees Engaged by Meghan Mehrens, Pierce Currid, Wendy Freitag and Josh Longyear


An immersive and honest dialogue amongst community leaders of all size Jive communities, focusing on Employee Engagement. During this session, you’ll hear directly from Citibank, FICO and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians as they collaboratively discuss the puzzle pieces of community management as it relates to motivating their user base to interact and engage with the community, including measuring the community’s impact and how engagement in Jive leads to overall improved employee engagement with the company.


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