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Digital Workplace SpeakersWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

From a Dispersed Global Workforce to a Digitally Connected Workplace by Richard Thompson

Carlson Wagonlit's employees are globally dispersed - and many of them are home workers. Rich Thompson and team brought Jive in to create a digital hub, "Buzz",  which leverages CWT's pillars of communication, collaboration, content and conversation.   Secondarily, CWT has unequally monetized their internal community, creating an additional source of revenue and return on their investment. Attend this session to learn how to convert your community into the only workplace many people know, driving culture and shaping your modern organization - while delivering true business outcomes.

Jive’s Intelligent Workplace - An Exclusive Look at Product Innovation & Roadmap by Tej Redkar and Shai Sagi

Today's digital workplace is fueled by 20+ years of nurturing collaboration, knowledge sharing and content creation, leaving employees feeling more overwhelmed than ever before by the nearly infinite content and plethora of tools at their disposal. Attend this session for an exclusive look into Jive’s product innovation roadmap featuring semantic search, people and expertise discovery, and mobile digital diary.  Learn how these innovations are shaping the intelligent workplace of tomorrow - and how they play an essential role in your digital workplace strategy.

How to fuel a world-class digital workplace to encourage action, innovation and drive real business results. by Anna Kravets, Tetiana Kipiani and Andriy Yaremko

Recipient of the prestigious 2018 Worldwide Intranet and Digital Workplace Award, Vodaphone Ukraine, and their partner ANROM, share the challenges and lessons learned in achieving over 88 percent community adoption, driving improved employee satisfaction and delivering millions of dollars in cost savings with their Jive community. This session will leave you with plenty of techniques for engaging employees and best practices you can implement within your community today.

Digital Adoption - a make-or-break for a modern organization. by Andrew Gilleran

When Andrew Gilleran joined Fenergo, he was told that he needed to fix a stale community that "everyone hates". Within 6 months, Fenergo converted their Jive community into a digital workplace where employees come to get work done.  Join this session to learn how to overcome the most common challenges in driving community adoption, spurring knowledge management and inspiring a culture of knowledge sharing between employees and external community members.

Connecting the Digital Workplace to the Broader Organization for Improved Performance by Jon Ingham

The world of work has become more collaborative. Whereas ten years ago many people worked largely on their own, these days we spend most of our time on the phone, in meetings and answering emails and social updates. Implementing the social technology itself is the easy part. Linking a digital workplace to the physical organization is the greater challenge. After working with top global brands, author Jon Ingham shares his take on developing social capital and creating a successful digital workplace.


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