I recently returned from Munich and our Aurea Experience 18  held there for our European customers. I was delighted to engage in many meaningful and candid discussions with many customers, and I’m looking forward to more of these in New Orleans at our North American Aurea Experience 18, coming soon in December.


In my last blog post, three of our focus items I mentioned were resolutions times, launching a new customer experience on our portal, and increasing the creation and sharing of knowledge across all of internal Aurea (support, development, services) and you, our customers, through the launch of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). Here’s an update on our progress and what we are continuing to do to improve in each of these areas.


Resolution time is a direct function of product quality (defect count and severity) and the depth of knowledge in all of our Aurea teams (e.g. Support, Development). Let’s start with product quality.


The fastest resolution for a support issue is to prevent the issue in the first place! That is why development has been focused on a comprehensive quality framework spanning fixing defects, increasing quality testing, enhancing the underlying quality of the code and ensuring our hosted services stay available. The quality framework initiative will ramp up the correction of high severity issues, add over 10,000 automated tests to the release process to prevent future defects, and add over 30 new monitoring services to hosted components to ensure availability of hosted services. Support will continue to sponsor and advocate for this initiative, because we know how important product quality is and its direct impact on your experience with us.


But support also has to step up its game. Not every issue you raise is a defect and we need to do much better at getting you the relief you need more quickly. One of the main ways we plan to do this is by dramatically increasing the training of our people and via the pending launch of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS).


I mentioned before that KCS is a service delivery method that focuses on knowledge as a key asset of the organization, whereby the use, creation and refinement of knowledge is not secondary, it is integrated directly into the issue prevention and resolution workflow. It puts knowledge at the heart of every interaction, it allows our customers to self-service with speed and convenience, and it allows agents to respond to problems in a continuous learning and improvement cycle - the result is dramatically faster and smarter interactions.


A good number of our agents are now KCS trained and the systems required to support them are being readied for release this month. That means agents will create or refine knowledge in every single issue they encounter, are empowered to quickly and easily share it with you and other agents, and will be surrounded by technology that unifies, aggregates, indexes, scores and evaluates the knowledge to make it available to you in a contextually relevant way. How will you experience this improvement? Both in your self-service capabilities and in the knowledge of our agents managing your issues - both resulting in faster resolution times.


It has been a few months since the Support experience has changed for many Aurea customers and I realize how frustrating those changes were. I mentioned in my last post that we are committed to getting back to a customer experience that meets, and eventually exceeds, your past portal experiences. Our first step in that direction is the launch of a new customer portal experience.


The new experience will be an enhanced way of interacting with us, using Jive for social service in the form of collaboration and community, adding to it our KCS initiative to provide accessible and relevant knowledge via self service, complete with enhanced case management for assisted service.


The initial version of the experience will be made available to our Customer Advisory Board in late November, where we will garner input and adapt. Our current plan is to make it generally available in late December or early January. This is not a static launch. It will be a living, breathing and evolving experience - and we want all of your feedback. Our commitment is to gather it via Aureaworks and work as fast as we can on continuous improvement.


Coming soon in the next 6-8 weeks:

Customer Facing

  • New Support Home page on Aurea Works, centralizing all support needs to a single easy to use location
    • Including dedicated Product pages for quick access to only the content you find most important.
  • New UI for Case Management, simplifying navigation, and creating a seamless transition to all of our resources. (ie. synced ui to aureaworks support location)
  • Federated Knowledge Search, combining Articles, your cases, documentation, community posts, and more.

Internal with Customer Value

  • Adoption of KCS practices for internal teams to leverage all content across the company to accurately, and swiftly resolve customer issues.  Including article and content creation.
  • End-to-End process enhancements, placing a critical eye on how we operate and provide communication and results back to customers.

Coming Q1

  • Support Case Management portal - 2.1 -  New case layouts, behaviors and functionality, self service case following (and notifications),  simplified case creation. multi contact notifications.


I know we still have lots of work to do on our mission - respond to you quickly, resolve your issues fast, and communicate frequently and transparently at all steps. I strongly believe all of the things mentioned above are supportive of that mission and are moving us in the right direction. I personally will not relent on continuing to improve, and I know that you will continue to hold me and the entire team accountable.


I look forward to your continued feedback and input!



Dan Beer, Chief Customer Success Officer, Aurea