Aurea Experience 18 features many of Aurea’s most innovative customers and partners. The Digital Workplace speakers below will share their experience and expertise on all areas of community and technology! We hope to see you at AE18 New Orleans!

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Digital Workplace SpeakersWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

Innovative strategies to extend your community that drive unprecedented value at Royal Bank of Canada. by Aaron Kim and Sajneet Sodhi

Recipient of the prestigious Digital Leader of the Year award by Digital Workplace Group (DWG) and CMSWire, Royal Bank of Canada, shares their successful approach of continuously evolving RBC Connect (Jive), through new use cases and extensions to engage 63,000+ active users and their ever-changing needs, while delivering on key business objectives. This sessions will leave you inspired by RBC's community extension strategy to include employee peer recognition, advanced ideation, social learning and chat bots - resulting in unprecedented adoption and engagement rates and making RBC Connect one of the most valuable platforms within the organization.

Jive’s Intelligent Workplace - An Exclusive Look at Product Innovation & Roadmap by Shai Sagi

Today's digital workplace is fueled by 20+ years of nurturing collaboration, knowledge sharing and content creation, leaving employees feeling more overwhelmed than ever before by the nearly infinite content and plethora of tools at their disposal. Attend this session for an exclusive look into Jive’s product innovation roadmap featuring semantic search, people and expertise discovery, and mobile digital diary.  Learn how these innovations are shaping the intelligent workplace of tomorrow - and how they play an essential role in your digital workplace strategy.

Leveraging your Jive platform to drive business agility and carry an organization during times of change. by Ellen Anderson

Change is inevitable and vital to establishing and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage. In 2018, Thomson Reuters underwent an organizational transformation unlike any other in its history, requiring company-wide alignment among 50,000 employees.  Attend this session to learn about the strategies behind how Thomson Reuters leveraged configurability and flexibility of Jive to drive business agility, lessons learned along the way, and how you can leverage the platform to support your organization during times of change.

From me to we: supporting change and transformation with community in the digital workplace by Jakkii Musgrave

With so much focus on digital workplace technology, we have continued to overlook the fundamental element in the digital workplace - the people. And it's becoming more evident: research consistently shows current digital workplace priorities for organizations are dominated by non-technology, people-related issues. Organizations are now playing catch-up, struggling to address challenges like culture, change and the employee experience. Openness, transparency, sharing and collaboration are fundamental in the digital workplace, but does your organization's culture support these behaviors?

Whatever the supporting toolset, the digital workplace is about enabling and empowering people to be effective by creating the conditions for engagement and connecting people to information, knowledge and each other through strategic and effective community management."

Against the odds: A flourishing community in a highly competitive and culturally diverse environment. by Julia Scherbina, Anna Kravets and Sveta Danilchenko

VEON, the 6th largest mobile network operator in the world, overcame obstacles of cultural diversity, competing tools and business priorities, to relaunch and create a thriving Jive community across 7 countries.   Attend this session to uncover specific strategies around nurturing collaboration among multi-language employees, co-existence with other collaboration technologies, and building executive support to advance your digital workplace.


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