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Aurea Experience 18

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Hello AureaWorks Community!


I want to re-share an industry analyst point of view on last year's Aurea Experience 18.

"Jive by Aurea collaboration users saw a "rebirth" of their platform at Aura Experience in Europe and, most recently, New Orleans, on December 3 and 4, 2018. Breakout sessions, many led by larger brands using Jive, focused on employee engagement, significant business impact from the new digital workplace, and customer intelligence. Key announcements included the long-awaited road map to demonstrate the investment Aurea is making in the platform." - Wayne Kurtzman, IDC


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Aurea Experience 18 session recordings and presentations are finally available - you can access them through the following links:


Please note that due to technical difficulties, some audio files did not come through for multiple sessions.  These sessions are uploaded as either silent mp4, PDF slides or still in post-production. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


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Pack your sneakers and come join us!


We are looking forward to seeing you at Aurea Experience 18 in New Orleans next week!

For those of you early birds, we are organizing a group to go on a 3-4 mile run to explore the Mississippi River and the French Quarter shortly after sunrise.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced runner, all are welcome!

Meeting date/time:

Wednesday December 5th 6:30am at Astor Hotel Lobby



Kosheno Moore



40min - 70min depending on pace


Weather Forecast:

Recommended Running Attire:

For 40-50 Degrees, long sleeve tech shirt, shorts or tights, gloves (optional), headband to cover ears (optional) are recommended.

See more @ Running in the Cold - Winter Running Gear


Suggested Route:

Final route may change slightly due to weather, construction conditions etc.


See you there!

Aurea Experience 18 features many of Aurea’s most innovative customers and partners. The Boot Camp speakers below will share their experience and expertise on all areas of digital transformation! We hope to see you at AE18 New Orleans! Register here today to engage with technology experts and peers at Aurea Experience 18.



Boot Camp SpeakerWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

Making the Case: The Business of Community by Rachel Happe

What is the value of your community initiative and how do you communicate that succinctly to stakeholders? Communities are playing an increasingly strategic role in innovation, organizational change, learning, knowledge management, support and marketing – and impacting every part of the organization. Yet community dynamics, business models and management are still poorly understood. In this session you will learn:



  • Findings from the 2018 State of Community Management showing the impact and value of communities
  • Why investment in community management is a strategic imperative
  • How to build a community business case including a strategy, ROI projection, and roadmap
  • Best practices and cases studies of how to build a community program

Building Your HR Hub on Jive: Tips, Tricks, Dos & Don'ts by Claire Fletcher

Setting up an HR hub or site on Jive is one of the most commonly requested use cases. Join Claire Fletcher to find out the questions you need to answer with your HR team before you begin building your HR site, how to overcome common challenges, and tips and tricks that will help you create an efficient and engaging HR site that will answer your employee's questions and help them find the information they need. In this session you will learn:

  • Key drivers for setting up an HR Hub
  • Place and Type features to maximize your community
  • Answers to key questions about company culture, HR communication and onboarding

Crowd Sourcing Strategy for Corporate Communication by Mary Desmond

Does your corporate communication content strategy include crowd-sourcing employee generated content? With well defined messaging and curation framework, you can turn your entire organization to content contributors.  Learn from the Morgan Stanley highly engaged community to effectively curate topical content from diverse groups of employees. In this session you will learn:



  • How to get employees excited about contributing
  • Ensuring quality content
  • Create your own crowd sourcing campaign

Enhance Cross-Functional Collaboration with a Strong Foundation


by Stacy Washington and Sarah O'Meara


Change is hard. Cross-collaboration upsets normal routine, requires learning new tools and adapting to other work styles. You can overcome these obstacles and streamline adoption with a strong foundation and clear expectations, whether you're launching a new project or revamping a current one. Join the US Department of Veterans Affairs to start building your tailored framework and training plan while learning new ways to utilize Jive features for your cross-collaboration efforts.

Strategies for Gaining and Maintaining Adoption by Keeley Sorokti and Tracy Maurer

You've launched your community, now what? Join Commvault to learn three core strategies for ensuring strong adoption that lasts over time. Make your community sticky by embedding it in how your employees work, by planning smart communications, and by giving your people the knowledge and the skills to make the most of Jive every single day. In this session you will learn:

  1. How to maintain strong adoption statistics
  2. Integrating business processes into community
  3. How to create a communication plan to promote your community


Don't miss out on all of these informative and fun sessions! Sign up for AE18 New Orleans at!

Aurea Experience 18 features many of Aurea’s most innovative customers and partners. The Boot Camp speakers below will share their experience and expertise on all areas of digital transformation! We hope to see you at AE18 Munich! Register here today to engage with technology experts and peers at Aurea Experience 18.



Boot Camp SpeakerWhat You'll Get Out Of The Session

Driving Adoption Through Authentic Leadership Engagement by Dina Vekaria-Patel

You’ve got executive endorsement for your community, now how do you get them engaged in your community? We all know blogs are the social way of sending an all-employee communication. How do you get from email 2.0 to authentic leadership engagement? Dina will share examples of how Pearson’s leadership use Neo, their community, to innovate, engage, and inspire employees. In this session, you will learn:

  • Concrete examples of how to drive adoption through authentic leadership engagement.
  • Keep executive engagement consistent.
  • Maintaining authenticity in the community.

Investing in your Interactive Intranet? How to make the case for community! by Stuart McIntyre

Are you considering replacing or extending your organisation’s intranet? Traditional platforms and communication tools can be relatively straightforward to pitch to stakeholders, but how do you go beyond that to size and measure the value of community? How does one place dollar signs against contributions towards collaboration and engagement, and how do you go about communicating that value persuasively and succinctly to stakeholders? Communities are playing an increasingly strategic role within organisations of all sizes, supporting organisational change and digital transformation, driving innovation, offering a platform for knowledge management, peer-to-peer support and employee engagement. As a result, they impact every element of the organisation, and thus can be difficult to justify and measure. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a business case for your community, including strategy, ROI and roadmap
  • How organisations like yours have forecasted and evidenced the value of community
  • What industry and community resources are available to assist in this endeavour
  • Why community management resources are a strategic component of any business case
  • Why continued investment is vital, and how Aurea and partner extensions can deliver increased value to your community

How to Measure Effective Outcome for your Business and Tell Your Community Story by Dan Thomas

Enterprise communities are goldmine of interesting data. Preparing a monthly report with all the insights can potentially be a daunting task for any community management team. Finding the right story to tell with your data all starts with understanding the business outcome for your community. In this session, you can take a deep dive into how you can leverage your community to achieve your business outcomes, understand your culture and drive successful collaboration through effective analytics strategy. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify business outcomes
  • Making the User Adoption Reports work for you
  • Become a trend analysis master

Clear and Engaging Company Onboarding on Enterprise Community by Jessica Maxson

Acclimate, Engage, Retain – these are the three key factors that contribute to successful onboarding. This is a strategic sandbox for creating your own community onboarding process, as it should be tailored to the needs of your organization. Getting new employees up to speed comprehensively and strategically aligned is important, and onboarding via the Jive platform has proven to be effective. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Learn key factors that contribute to successful community member and employee onboarding.
  • How to survey your community onboarding including a strategy and roadmap for enhancement.
  • Best practices of how to build an onboarding program.

Breaking Silos, Cross-functional Collaboration on Customer Accounts by Kosheno Moore

It is easy to align an enterprise community’s information architecture to functions and departments. Because of this, cross-functional use cases can quickly become fragmented. Those who are seeking the most current information could find information that are out context. In this session, we are equipping community managers with key tools and concepts to deploy and manage a cross-functional use case, using collaborating around customer accounts as an example. You will learn:

  • How to define a cross-functional use case and information architecture
  • Enablement and training program approach and design
  • Ongoing maintenance of cross-functional use case
  • How to apply these concepts for your next cross-functional use case in your enterprise community


Don't miss out on all of these informative and fun sessions! Sign up for AE18 Munich at!

Aurea Experience 18 is coming soon and you’re invited for a couple of exhilarating days where people come together and learn how organizations are addressing collaboration challenges first-hand and building even more powerful customer relationships through intelligent real-time concepts. Launching a new community is never easy, but with the right skills and strategies, you can hit the ground running. This year, Jive Boot Camp is part of the conference and it is offered at no additional cost.  We redesigned Boot Camp from an all-day paid program to  bite-size sessions where you can pick and choose a topic you are interested in.  At Jive Boot Camp, you’ll get the knowledge you need to bring your community to a thriving state through best practices around strategic planning and practical use cases such as corporate communication, human resources and cross-functional collaboration.


Sessions are focused on learning real-world skills that you can put into practice immediately. Jive Boot Camp is perfect for community managers who are new to Jive, or experienced community managers looking to learn more about the launch process.



Boot Camp Featured Speakers:

Community Roundtable - Rachel Happe

Commvault -  Tracy Maurer

Morgan Stanley - Mary Desmond

Splendid Consulting - Claire Fletcher

US Department of Veterans Affairs -  Sarah O'Meara, Stacy Washington



Boot Camp Featured Speakers:

Fostering Community - Stuart McIntyre

Aurea Software - Jessica Maxson

Lloyds Banking Group -  Dan Thomas

Pearson -  Dina Vekaria-Patel

Aurea Software - Kosheno Moore



At Aurea Experience 18, you will also hear from keynote speakers including Scott Brighton, CEO, Aurea; Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer, Aurea; Bruce Daisley, EMEA Vice President Twitter; Patty McCord, Workplace Innovator, Culture and Leadership Consultant and Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix and Dan Beer, Chief Customer Success Officer.


From community managers to CRM experts, we’ve got something for everyone at Aurea Experience 18. Our four session tracks feature a terrific lineup of speakers, including Aurea & Jive experts, thought leaders like Jon Ingham of The Social Organization fame, and customers from Carlson Wagonlit, International Committee of the Red Cross, Lloyds Banking Group, Pearson, Schaeffler and more. 



For more information, check out our press release. Still can’t decide? Stay tuned - we’ll continue to announce more speakers for each track in the coming weeks. See you at AE18!

Munich Details

·      Aurea Experience 18 in Munich at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich on 12-13 November.

·      Review Munich Agenda

·      Register here today to engage with technology experts and peers at Aurea Experience 18.


New Orleans Details

·      Aurea Experience 18 in New Orleans at Astor Crowne Plaza on December 4-5.

·      Review New Orleans Agenda

·      Register here today to engage with technology experts and peers at Aurea Experience 18.


Look forward to connecting with you at the event!