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Aurea Experience '20

2 Posts authored by: Michelle Gantt Employee

Whether your community is new or could use a refresh, Jive Bootcamp has something for you. Each session will be led by both a subject matter expert from Aurea and a customer expert sharing best practices, examples, and tips and tricks for enhancing your community to keep your users engaged.


Sign up now for the Berlin bootcamp or San Diego bootcamp (it's free!)


If you haven't registered for the conferences yet, you can sign up for bootcamp at the same time - register here.



Session timeContent and Community StructureBerlin presentersSan Diego presentersAdvanced Community ManagementBerlin presentersSan Diego presenters

First things first: creating a solid community plan and structure

Whether you are just starting out - or need to refresh a mature community, the behind the scenes information architecture is key to creating the best user experience. This session will help you plan and define (or redefine) a solid base for your community.

Alexander Schuster
Katrin Fischer

Alexander Schuster

Julie Blutstein

Get the most out of Jive's analytics

Struggling to learn how to use Jive's Community Analytics tools effectively? Join this session to learn how to get the data you need to keep your community management engaged and informed using dashboards, queries and the Analytics Export tool.

Joey Levi

Anna Kravets

Joey Levi

Adib Abrahim


Creating killer content

Engaging and compelling content goes beyond images and color schemes. Join this session to learn everything you need to know about creating killer content - from creating templates for content creators, to tips for executives who blog to creating campaigns centered around content creation that engages users and keeps them coming back for more.

Alexander Schuster

Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh

Alexander Schuster

Tracy Maurer

Creating the best user experience in Jive

Does your community need a UX update? Do you feel your branding and theming options are limited? Join this session to learn best practices for creating consistency across landing pages and between desktop and mobile experiences. You'll also hear some expert tips on the best tiles to use to create a compelling UI.

David Nixon

Dina Vekaria-Patel

Jon Williams

Peter Broadley


Meet your peeps:

Join us for a networking lunch to chat with other Jive customers and your favorite Aureans!


Redefining corporate communications in Jive

Still not quite sure of the best way to publish company news and announcements in Jive while keeping the home page fresh and relevant to your users? We'll start with News basics and deep dive into techniques to help you drive users into your community.

Alexander Schuster

Andrew Gilleran

Alexander Schuster

Mike O

What can I do with APIs?

We've all heard about APIs, but what can we actually do with them in Jive to add functionality? The possibilities are bounded only by your business needs and imagination. Learn from an Aurea expert and view examples from customers who have created tiles and integrations to enhance user experiences.

Derek DeMoro

Adam Jukes

Derek DeMoro

Melvin Berena

Summer is winding down - now is the time to tell us about the amazing things you have done with your Jive community!


We want you to tell your story - whether it's how you improved your customer experience, increased collaboration, broke down silos, or otherwise transformed your business - at Aurea Experience 2020 next March in Berlin, or next April in San Diego. You can participate as a session presenter, or join a panel or roundtable - whatever suits you best.


We’re especially excited about stories that align to this event’s key themes:

Elevating the employee experience: Provide use cases, best practices, lessons learned and how-tos around driving employee engagement.

Powering the future of work: Go deep on how your company uses Aurea technology to meet specific business goals or to fuel the workforce of tomorrow.


What's new for speakers this year: as a special token of our appreciation for your participation, we will pay for your accommodation during the conference!


Submit Your Proposal Today!

Make sure your proposal includes your abstract (outline your key topics, top messages, and target audience) and submit via one of the form links below:

- I'm interested in speaking at Aurea Experience 2020 Europe, March 10-11, Berlin

- I'm interested in speaking at Aurea Experience 2020 US, April 1-2, San Diego


Don't wait.  Call for speakers closes September 15, 2019. We can’t wait to hear your story!


P.S. And don't forget to check out the Aurea Experience '20 site for more info!