We have a few 4 open positions right now so I thought I'd take a minute to describe each.

  • IT Engineer (pdf)
    I think this is more than the average sys admin position. You'll be the sole IT person and besides helping our employees you'll be in charge of setting IT direction, working with some great technology (Linux, Asterisk our VOIP system, Solaris) and helping us with our software release process. Oh, and did I mention we'll set you up with a shiny new MacBookPro?

  • UI Designer (pdf)
    This position has the potential to have the highest impact of almost any of our jobs. We love great UIs and we hope you love creating them.From the req: "Were looking for an insanely talented and versatile web designer to help drive the look and usability of our next generation of collaboration applications. The right candidate must be passionate about web applications and user experience and have the skills to put it all together using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX."

  • Support Engineer (pdf)
    I'm really amazed with the support team we've built (don't take my word, others think that too). This is a chance to join that team and interact with our customers on a daily basis. It's a very technical position and we guarantee you'll learn a lot.

  • Senior Software Engineer (pdf)
    This is a chance to join our core development team. You'll work on our major products (Jive Forums, Jive Knowledge Base) and you'll be able to make significant contributions to product direction and implementation. Raw engineering talent is important but we're also looking for someone interested in developing solid products and working with customers.

If you're interested, please jobs@jivesoftware.com with a cover letter & resume. For more info, check out our jobs page.