Scott Campbell, our VP of Sales, was at a community summit in the Bay last week, where Mark Finnern from SAP's Developer Network talked about some of their stats. According to Mark:  "Since rolling out Jive Forums with integrated point system the number of posts increased by 525% within 12 months. At the same time a 6X DECREASE in the medium time to first reply from 12 hours to below 30 minutes."


They've done a great job building a streamlined, connected community, and they've obviously got a pretty good starting point with that many users around the world....but the interesting thing to me (and a big part of why they've seen the participation levels they have) was the neck and neck race of the top 3 users. Normally we see one untouchable person at the top with a ludicrous amount of points. Having a tight race makes it much more interesting, and I'm sure provides a lot more motivation to stay on top. Creating that race is tough, but it's got to pay off in the long-term.