[http://www.flickr.com/photos/50884898@N00/162086950/]Today, Wildfire won a ServerWatch product award in the Real-Time Communication Server category while Jabber took top honors in the Open Source Community category; check out the article for full details. Two things about the Wildfire award get me excited.


First, it's typical for Open Source projects to do well in reader's choice awards. Large Open Source communities are willing to take the time to cast votes for their project (if they know about the contest); it's hard for proprietary vendors to inspire that same passion. But that's not what happened in this case. Although we knew Wildfire was nominated for the award, we didn't know the details of the voting process and didn't make any mobilization efforts. So, the voting came directly from ServerWatch readers. On behalf of the entire Wildfire community: thanks ServerWatch! Even better, not only did Wildfire win, but we "ran away with the real-time communication category, capturing more votes than Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005, IBM Lotus SameTime, and Antepo OPN XT combined."


Second...notice who came in second? We think Wildfire is emerging as a viable alternative to Microsoft's LCS. We're disrupting the market using Open Source, open standards, and innovative features. But while this award shows we're heading in the right direction, we have a lot of work left to do. LCS is a clear leader and most organizations choose Microsoft products because they're a  safe and familiar choice. We've only just started to get the word out about Wildfire and Spark. To the Wildfire community: thanks for your help so far and keep it up!