Two new beta releases of Wildfire 3.0 made their way to our site last night. In addition to a new release of our popular Open Source Edition we have added a commercial upgrade to an Enterprise Edition of Wildfire. Be sure to check them out.


There's always a lot of discussion internally about who does a good job with online "product tours." We've found many different ways to illustrate key product features as I'm sure you've experienced, too. Some have video clips, some are animated, others are a list supported by screenshots (sometimes they're text-only).


For Wildfire's new product tour we were inspired by Atlassian's approach. We think they do a good job of rolling features up to simple, easy to understand ideas and then do just enough explanation of each feature to be compelling without overkill.


We'll be evolving these more (next: Our upcoming Community product release) and would love to know who you think does a good job with product tours.


[ Atlassian's approach.||Wildfire's New Feature Tour][ Atlassian's approach.||Atlassian's Confluence Feature Tour]