We released version 5.0.5 of Jive Forums this week. Typically, minor releases like this are bug fixes only  (speaking of, here's the changelog), but this time we couldn't resist putting in a new feature. Forums now features an advanced email integration which makes it possible to reply to watch notifications by email. Simply read the watch update you get, type a reply and send it. A few seconds later your message will be posted to the forums. We've implemented it in a pretty secure way so we can verify that an email coming from "you" can match up with your user account in the forums. This has been a heavily requested feature so we're pretty excited to release it.


Also new this release are 4 new translations: German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


What else is new? We've got a swanky new product tour (check out the entry about email watch replies).


And finally, KB 1.7.5 and a new build of the Integrated server are out as well.