!http://jivesoftware.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/eweek.gif!Wildfire was just reviewed by eWeek. It's the first product review we've had that has the potential to reach 400k IT buyers, so we're pretty excited. Overall, I think we stacked up very well. They definitely got things right with the coverage of the plugin architecture and ease of use of the server. However,  I wish eWeek had discussed Open Source and the vibrant Wildfire/Spark community more; I personally feel that the community is a huge driver for Wildfire's success and that it provides a lot of value to business users.


There's one other thing in the review that I wanted to specifically address, which is the claim that the Wildfire Enterprise archiving feature is not rich enough to meet regulatory compliance requirements (SOX, HIPPA, etc). We definitely don't think that's the case, so we'll have to try to follow up with the reviewer to get more information. In any case, check out the review and let us know what you think!