We've put a lot of focus on the UI and overall look & feel for Clearspace. To assist us with this, we hired Cameron Moll to conceptualize the early UI, Raja Sandhu for the logo (he's also responsible for Igniterealtime.org's logo) and Firewheel Design for new icons. Key to the collaboration was our own UI designer who ultimately took all the pieces, especially the UI, to many further levels of detail. Ultimately though, we took the iterations of these visual elements to our customers and prospects through several months of one-on-one user testing and feedback. I'll blog about the icons and UI in the next several days. But first...


The Logo

We wanted to convey many things with Clearspace's logo, particularly clarity, focus, and unity--all are functional attributes of the software. I'm sure there were many more adjectives we blabbed to Raja. He immediately fired a ton of potential sketches our way. I included some of the first round (along with a little humor from Raja) below.



We quickly gravitated to the circular treatment with the "c" and spent time refining that direction. There was also quite a discussion around negative space and just how explicit we had to be for people to see the circle and not a "stingray" shape (per example one below). The final mark (orange, below) does a lot of work and we're thrilled with the result. There's a "c" that can also be seen as fingers holding just what they're looking for. The squares represent bringing focus to different content types.



Funny, getting a logo of this quality is a bit like painting your walls a new color and then realizing that you need new furniture--so, Raja is currently thinking about some of our other products, too.