Just for fun, I ran a usage report on our Wildfire server over the weekend. Using the archiving feature in Wildfire Enterprise, I logged how many conversations each Jive employee has participated in since we turned on stats tracking at the end of May last year. We use the light-weight archiving mode, which only records metadata about each conversation and not the actual messages being sent back and forth. Organizations subject to compliance requirements can also turn on full message archiving.


A conversation is defined as the string of messages sent back and forth without a significant time gap (15 minutes by default). The top ten users are as follows:


Conversation Count

Matt T


Megan R


Derek D


Bill L


Kerry L


Sarah D


Sam L


Kelly P


Greg U


Scott C


Yes, I'm totally addicted to IM, with an average of about 47 conversations every business day. The rest of the company isn't far behind, with almost everyone else not in the top ten falling between two to three thousand conversations.  It represents a staggering amount of email that we didn't have to send, as we've found that each IM conversation can represent several emails (getting a question answered over email can take several messages back and forth). That also means we've saved a lot of time, which means we've all worked more efficiently. We already think "email is the new snail mail" here at Jive. How does your company use IM?