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Clearspace 1.0.2 Released

Posted by todd Feb 26, 2007

We've released Clearspace 1.0.2 (download, README, changelog) in an effort to continue to improve the product. Like version 1.0.1, this is a bug fix release, but there are also a few new features and improvements. We've fixed 17 bugs, made 4 improvements, and added 3 new features.


Many of us using Clearspace internally at Jive are glued to the "What's New" feature on the home page.With 1.0.2, you can now move the "Spaces" section down to the bottom of the home page, leaving the "What's New" sectionon top.It's a great way to stay on top of new content and participate as much as possible.


We've made several improvements to the documentation.This includes an LDAP guide, which covers setup procedures for integrating with an LDAP and Active Directory repository.Also added is a user guide which is linked from the "New to Clearspace?" box within Clearspace.


By the way, I'm one of the Clearspace developers writing my first blog for Jive Software.We are rotating release duties throughout our team.The order we decide on was alphabetical based on our middle names.So, my middle name ofAlan beat out another developer's middle name, which is Allen. Thanks, Mom. ;)


Just a quick note that I'll be doing one of the seven Launch Pad Presentations next Tuesday as part of the ETel Conference. It's a pretty significant shift to add VoIP to Wildfire (not to mention all the other major features) and the ETel conference is the perfect venue.


If you'll be at the conference, please stop by the booth or grab me. I'll be with Greg Unrein, the product manager for all of our RTC applications.


Clearspace 1.0.1 Released

Posted by bill Feb 19, 2007

Fast on the heels of 1.0.0 comes Clearspace 1.0.1 (download, README). This is a bug fix release and an easy upgrade for anyone using 1.0.0. Overall, we fixed 37 bugs (that sounds like a lot but most were pretty minor) and made some nice little improvements like keyboard shortcuts for the user bar menus.


We're also announcing a public issue tracker for Clearspace. We're excited to get the community involved in reporting issues and by voting on issues you care about. As always, please first report issues in our support forums and hash out any feature ideas you have in our feature forum. Speaking of features, we'll publish a roadmap for Clearspace soon.


What else is next? A developer area, developer blogs, a 1.0.2 release and more details about upcoming work.


Nick's Phat Phone Plugin

Posted by djhersh Feb 15, 2007

Mimosas rock. Especially when they lead to cool product integrations.


Nick Hill, one of the main Clearspace engineers came up with a mimosa-driven idea for a simple plugin that allows our Polycom phones to display recent content from our internal instance of Clearspace. The phones can only display very basic HTML, so he parsed one of the many Clearspace feeds and transformed it to simple HTML using the Clearspace plugin framework.


So now our phones display the most recent content on Clearspace and it updates every 5 minutes. It's actually very cool and I keep seeing content that I might not be notified of through the normal channels (RSS, email). Here's what it looks like:


It was an insane week last week, having launched two major products and a brand new website. (Needless to say, the team's in a bit of a hangover period right now.)


But amidst all the chaos, we picked up a new customer for Clearspace that we're very excited about. One Economy (description below) is an extremely cool non-profit organization that is seeking to bridge the digital divide. They have people working on some very successful projects all over the country, like the Bee Hive, a rich online resource for subjects like School, Jobs, Family, Housing, and Immigration, which can actually be localized as well. I've actually done some work with them here in the Northwest and have always been impressed with their people and the scope of their vision.


How are they using Clearspace?


Given all their various projects and the nationwide distribution of their employees, Clearspace was a perfect option for them to get their employees to collaborate in a shared space. They looked at MS Sharepoint as well, but it turned out to be too complicated for their needs and too difficult to set up and administer.


We're excited to have them on board.


One Economy is a multi-national nonprofit organization that brings broadband to the homes of low-income people and provides a multilingual web portal called The Beehive ( Our mission is to maximize the potential of technology to help low- income people improve their lives and enter the economic mainstream. The Beehive provides people with information and services ranging from education and health to employment. To date more than 9 million people have used the Beehive, 20% of whom accessed the content in Spanish, and over 200,000 low-income people have broadband at home through the work of One Economy. We have youth and on-the-ground programs in a dozen cities in the United States, as well as South Africa and the Middle East. One Economy is doing more to bring broadband and educational online content to low- income people in the United States than any other nonprofit organization.


Clearspace 1.0 Released

Posted by bill Feb 7, 2007

I'm very happy to announce that Clearspace 1.0 is now available. The Clearspace team is extremely proud of reaching this milestone and we're very excited to get more customer feedback and develop great new features.


What product launch would be complete without a snazzy website? Our marketing team did an amazing job of quickly redoing a lot of the site and building a really great Clearspace feature tour. We also have a forum set up for Clearspace and we'll be making our issue tracker public soon.


There are many things to write about and highlight in Clearspace and this short post won't do it justice. Stay tuned for many more details!


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