We've released Clearspace 1.0.2 (download, README, changelog) in an effort to continue to improve the product. Like version 1.0.1, this is a bug fix release, but there are also a few new features and improvements. We've fixed 17 bugs, made 4 improvements, and added 3 new features.


Many of us using Clearspace internally at Jive are glued to the "What's New" feature on the home page.With 1.0.2, you can now move the "Spaces" section down to the bottom of the home page, leaving the "What's New" sectionon top.It's a great way to stay on top of new content and participate as much as possible.


We've made several improvements to the documentation.This includes an LDAP guide, which covers setup procedures for integrating with an LDAP and Active Directory repository.Also added is a user guide which is linked from the "New to Clearspace?" box within Clearspace.


By the way, I'm one of the Clearspace developers writing my first blog for Jive Software.We are rotating release duties throughout our team.The order we decide on was alphabetical based on our middle names.So, my middle name ofAlan beat out another developer's middle name, which is Allen. Thanks, Mom. ;)