The Web 2.0 Expo was supposed to have 5,000 attendees but ended up having 10,000 people show up. The entire Moscone Center West was packed. Ismael Ghalimi and I were talking about the fact  that it wasn't just the amount of people that were there but that there were so many potential customers--it wasn't just the industry talking to itself.


The Jive booth, like a lot of others, was at times four rows deep with people looking for solutions for their company. And those companies ranged from motorcycle manufacturers to packaged goods companies. I think we left with about twenty-four inches worth of business card stacks between us. I know that the two boxes of business cards I went with are now gone. I'm sure many others experienced this, too. Also surprising was the lack of power outlets and the painfully weak wireless access, the news of which nearly eclipsed the cool announcements from tons of great companies. It was sort of like providing horse-drawn carriage transportation to an automobile show.


We announced a couple of things while there. A new community edition of Clearspace, called Clearspace X. Where Clearspace is meant for use inside companies, Clearspace X can power those company's external customer communities. The new edition should ship in a couple of weeks. TJ Kang, CEO of Thinkfree, was also nice enough to let us experiment with their new API embedded within Clearspace and talk about it during their session. His presentation is here. Great stuff!


Not to put any more attention on the Google announcement but I do think that its silly for Google to continue their "we're not competing against Microsoft" argument as they continue to add alternatives to Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Outlook (Calendar, Mail), and Messenger. Yes, these are web-based and Microsoft's aren't. Yes, Google's are lighter weight than Microsoft's. But a $1,000 phone and a free one both do the same things: They make calls. The difference between those phones is most likely who would use them. So, yes, Google isn't competing with Microsoft at the Enterprise-level.