A lot has been happening in our Open Source community, igniterealtime.org over the past two months. In case you're not reading the Ignite blog or forums regularly, some highlights:

  • Openfire 3.3.0, Spark 2.5.1 and Smack 3.0.1 are the latest product releases. In particular, we've continued to polish the VoIP support in the products. We're also experimenting with a release train development process for Spark that may soon be applied to all Jive software product development.

  • Lots of interesting work is being done with Flash audio and video support via XMPP.

  • We're preparing a new beta of SparkWeb, our pure HTML/AJAX instant messaging client, which is part of Openfire Enterprise. A final release is due in the near future.

  • The IM Gateway plugin for Openfire is out of beta with the official 1.0 release. It provides connectivity to AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN.

  • Asterisk-IM development has been kick-started by community members, lead by Stefan Reuter. Asterisk-IM is an Openfire plugin that provides integration with the Asterisk PBX, such as automatic "on the phone" presence updates.