Last Friday I joined Sam Lawrence and Greg Unrein at the PDMA/PMF conference.  Sam was keynoting the event (watch it below) and we supported the event by powering their online community with Clearspace.




Sam's keynote was not your father's keynote presentation (your Dad was a big keynoter, right?). Looks like Sam got some blog love on how he strayed from the conventional "read from your slide deck" method of presenting. Did it work?  I think so...but give it a watch and let us know what you think.


The PDMA/PMF did a good job with the conference theme, "Putting Collaboration to Work." They obviously put a lot of work into practicing what they preached. The conference was semi-structured with a keynote and some sessions in the morning and an "unconference" in the afternoon. Lots of care was given to keeping things collaborative. For example, it was  the first time I had been to a conference where everyone sat in a big, deskless circle.


Next up: Matt Tucker, Greg and myself will head to Boston for Enterprise 2.0. Come by our booth and say hi.