As part of our release of Clearspace 1.2, we decided to refresh the content on our website. We were still using the same content as when launched Clearspace 1.0 in February so it was time to refresh things a bit.


As you can see from the before/after, some of the major changes to the Clearspace area are:

  • A more succinct header

  • Easier to find actions located at the top and side of the page

  • Product tour now starts on the main page vs having a separate page

  • The product tour is now reorganized based on how you can use Clearspace vs product features

  • Single feature list page for those hunting for a single page of ingredients

  • Consolidated the videos to a single page


Hope you folks like it. Some other new pages didn't make the launch and will follow shortly as will some continued modifications to the rest of the site.