I see Dave's point. He's worried we're going to burn bridges. Not that it's a heated debate. It's not. Dave and I just thought it would be good to voice our perspectives and get feedback. Regardless, we strongly believe in how Clearspace stands up to other choices.


My idea is to have a place on our website that compares us to other applications and then allows for public comments. If people have other information or opinions they could just post them right under the matrix. Everyday, we get the "how do you compare" question. I bet your company does, too. If you're like us, there aren't any really good places to go to get that sort of information, short of consumer reports. Is the fact that no one else puts up comparison charts reason enough to not do it? What would you think of a company that did have that information public?


I do realize that it will be hard to capture everything accurately and stay on top of it, I know we'd make mistakes. But I think it's worth the risk to give it a shot. Perhaps the other idea is to just buy all those applications and host them so that people can test drive them all in one place.  I mean, Saturn is doing it. You can go to their lot and test drive their competitor's cars, too.


I'd rather focus on providing customers with the information they want then to worry about potential relationship conflicts. No doubt, as much as the matrix wouldn't be intended as a commentary on other people's products it would be perceived that way. Not to mention how objective could we be, right?


My opinion is that we shouldn't worry about upsetting potential partners or other friendly companies. These are risks worth taking. We will make some people upset and some people happy.


What do you think?