A gaggle of bloggers consumed Lebanese food, drank beer and played wii last night thanks to Jeremiah Owyang (who had this to say) and Robert Scoblewho invited the Portland blogging community out to meet each other. It was a huge turnout, with about 50 people jammed in our break room. I met some cool peeps like Dan Rasay (Lucy), Justin Kistner (Nemo Design), Benjamin Diggles(DB Clay...hook me up with one of those wallets!) and Kristin "Batgirl" Reilly (Gamer Girls Radio). While Kristin beat all the guys at wii tennis, Dawn Foster shot some cool footage.


<script src="http://blip.tv/scripts/pokkariPlayer.js?ver=2007062101" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="http://blip.tv/syndication/write_player?skin=js&posts_id=315484&source=3&autoplay=true&file_type=flv&player_width=&player_height=" type="text/javascript"></script>


[Dawn Foster|http://blip.tv/file/get/Samjive-PortlandBloggerDinner732.flv]

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Dawn also happened to capture a nice little video of Josh Bancroft on social networks and Facebook.  Jeremiah captured some cool pics of the event he put on Flickr.