At Jive Software, we had a great time at last week's OSCON right in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.


On the community front, we launched our new Jivespace Developer Community at OSCON. The community is built on top of our Clearspace product, and we are getting great participation within the new community. I also hosted a meetup for community leaders on Tuesday evening. It was well attended and people seemed to enjoy it. Danese Cooper and I also pulled together another "Art of Community" panel with Jimmy Wales, Sulamita Garcia, Whurley, Karl Fogel, and Brian Behlendorf. The session was standing room only, and Robert Kay described it as "awesome". We also have the entire session on video available on our Jivespace Developer Podcasts and Videos Blog.


Matt Tucker gave a talk at OSCON about Jingle, an extension to XMPP (Jabber) that's primarily used for VoIP.  We also participated in the XMPP Devcon event.  The slides from Matt's presentation and links to notes about XMPP Devcon are on the Ignite RealtimeBlog.


We also hosted a great after party at OSCON with great attendance and entertainment provided by Jive Employee DJs.  Here are a few video highlights from the party.