Once a month the entire company gets together (beer and snacks provided) for a brainstorming session that we call Blue Sky. This month we broke into several groups and brainstormed small but tasty features for Clearspace. Hmm... what else is small and tasty? M&M's of course. Hence, the idea of feature M&M's was born and one of them quickly made it into the product. Check it out in Clearspace 1.4 by visiting someone's profile and you'll see a list of other people who have similar profiles. Why brainstorm this topic? It's often the little features that make a product special. On the other hand, it can be pretty difficult to get enough attention for the individual features to make it into the roadmap. Each of the ideas has been written onto a piece of paper (in the appropriate shape of course) and then put into a special bowl.



Whenever an engineer has a little time they can grab an M&M (no cherry picking), then attach it to the M&M board and implement it. Here is a shot of the M&M board just after installation: