You use the word "brand" a lot

That word is used so broadly, obscurely and recklessly, it's meaningless to me. Not to mention that it's rarely used in a context I agree with. Leave brand to consumer packaged goods and let's focus on delivering meaningful and remarkable value through the company.

Your market is actually other marketers.

Most marketing people don't know their market at all. Their "market" is what they read in articles, analyst reports and in talking with their agencies. Rarely do I find someone who actually gets out there and has continual conversations with people to truly understand them.

You're guilty of being invisible

Paint by numbers doesn't cut it. Granted, most people haven't had the chance to do brilliant Marketing, but at least be able to tell me how you took a risk and how it paid off.

You think in terms of advertisements

Real ideas come way before you ever communicate them. People focused on advertisements never let the idea bloom. If marketers can't articulate how to notify someone in a compelling way, I don't want to hire them. Advertisements are horrible and all of us have become experts at avoiding them.


You don't have your own ideas

We're a creative company with creative products addressing a creative market. Triple the reason to be amazingly relevant with powerful ideas that you know how to pull off.


You're not a student

If marketing people aren't voraciously consuming, internalizing and changing their skills they've already given up.


You're used to other people doing it

Everyone and no one is doing the work in huge companies. If you haven't owned it, you can't know how to do it or be smart about it.


You have no influence

If they can't influence me in their resume or interview, how can I expect them to influence the market?


You can't write

Writing is making ideas clear for everyone. Good writers are good marketers.


You're scared of change

Marketers' jobs are to change the market. You can't be a good marketer if you can't stand change.


You can't say no

Have an opinion. Stand up for yourself. Don't just accept what I say.


You can't see what needs to happen

Take a step back. Are you spending your time on things that will make (the right) impact? What is required down the road? Don't drive while contemplating the inside of the car.


You don't believe

We have a fantastic product. It changes the way people work with each other. If you can't fall in love with that and market from the heart, we don't need you on our team.


You're a good multi-tasker

That's right, I don't want someone that's awesome at keeping 300 things going. People who chase everything get nothing done. I want someone that kicks *** on one thing and then moves on.