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We won, we won!

Posted by djhersh Sep 24, 2007

If you're a growth company in Oregon, there's really only one award you want to win: The OEN (Oregon Entrepreneurs Network) Growth Company of the Year. Last Thursday night we won it.


As I mentioned in my speech (which we may have digitally at some point), we lost last year in the working capital category (the smaller category), so it was a nice validation to jump to the big category and win it.


There was solid competition in the form of Snapnames, which was founded by Ray King, a good friend of mine who is now running the very cool Aboutus -- a wikipedia for websites; and Saber Corporation, a software company focused on government that has seen massive growth lately.


It's nice to get validation by your peers, and it's nice to take a (short) timeout to reflect on how far you've come as a business.

Clearspace 1.6 Released

Posted by bill Sep 17, 2007

We released Clearspace 1.6 last Thursday, and it's got some really nice improvements and new features. I'm personally very excited about customizable spaces. This allows space owners to decide what's important in their space and customize the layout of the "Overview" section. We've found that a lot of our customers are using the main space page as their department's front door and they wanted a lot of flexibility around the content and layout. Be sure to check out the main Clearspace page for more info or watch the short video about the feature.


Another minor new feature is the ability to migrate content back and forth between different databases. This was a pretty highly requested feature from customers. We've had a number of people start an evaluation on the embedded database then want to migrate that to a more production ready database. We added a simple page in the admin console which allows administrators to point to another database and transfer the content.


Finally, a bit of a marketing update: we've refreshed the content on the main Clearspace page and also have a dedicated page up for ClearspaceX, the external community version of Clearspace. Oh, and anyone notice the changes to our front page?

Office 2.0 Recap

Posted by sam_lawrence Sep 13, 2007

Last week, I was in San Francisco for the Office 2.0 conference. <span class="jive-body-profile-padding">Ismael Ghalimi, the guy behind the whole thing, pulled an amazing conference off in eight weeks. He chose Clearspace to power the conference site , the first use of our product to power an event and (given how fast things were moving) he launched the conference's site a day after setting Clearspace up. As always, he was open about what that process was like and what he learned. From the website's perspective, a little more time would have been great. In the meantime, everyone at the conference was blown away by what Ismael was able to pull off. On the lighter side, attendees who stayed at the conference's hotel were greeted by what looked like the USA Today delivered to their room but was really us having a little Onion-style fun.


I participated in an Enterprise Collaboration panel  with SAP, Oracle, BEA, Zimbra and Sony. It was a bit high-level but I tried to reinforce the importance of keeping collaboration focused on productivity. You can watch the video of it and the rest of the conference thanks to coverage by Veodia.


We also participated in the demo tracks. Ismael asked that we have our customers demo our software so we invited Intel and Attensa who both gave great demos of how they're using Clearspace and Clearspace X. Check out the video of Attensa's presentation (slides above) on how they're using Clearspace internally and the sort of impact it's made to their company (like the 31% reduction in email). Intel's video does an excellent job articulating their goals and the short term impact Clearspace X has had for them.


The best part of the conference was how many of the discussions recognized the need for true enterprise-class collaboration software that recognized the needs, challenges and reality-based technical environment that large companies deal with everyday. I remember one person at our booth saying, "you mean you make 'real' software that companies can actually use behind their firewall?!"

Working at Jive Software

Posted by dawn Sep 4, 2007

Maybe I'm a little biased, but I think that Jive Software is a great place to work. We're a culture of good natured ***-kickers who love our work.  A friend of mine jokingly refers to it as the "Cult of Jive" because people start talking about how cool their job is upon starting a new job at Jive! We work hard -- it's a bit of Silicon Valley competitiveness mixed with a Portland ethos. But we make it fun, too. We make sure there is time left over for the important stuff: family, friends, hanging out. We get together every three weeks to celebrate the end of each release cycle with a Friday happy hour event in addition to BBQs, movie outings, and other fun activities. Even more importantly, we get to work on great products with other really smart people, and this makes all the difference for me. Using my own work at Jive as an example, we were able to take the idea of a developer community through to the complete implementation of the Jivespace Developer Community within 2.5 months of my start at Jive Software. This was a team effort with probably 20 people at Jive contributing to this launch in some way. What made this possible in such a short time was a great product (Clearspace) and a great team of smart people to make it happen!


Want to know what it's like to work at Jive Software? Watch this video to get a sense for who we are and what we do. Make sure you stick around for the outtakes at the end of the video.


We're always looking for good people! Join us at



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