Maybe I'm a little biased, but I think that Jive Software is a great place to work. We're a culture of good natured ***-kickers who love our work.  A friend of mine jokingly refers to it as the "Cult of Jive" because people start talking about how cool their job is upon starting a new job at Jive! We work hard -- it's a bit of Silicon Valley competitiveness mixed with a Portland ethos. But we make it fun, too. We make sure there is time left over for the important stuff: family, friends, hanging out. We get together every three weeks to celebrate the end of each release cycle with a Friday happy hour event in addition to BBQs, movie outings, and other fun activities. Even more importantly, we get to work on great products with other really smart people, and this makes all the difference for me. Using my own work at Jive as an example, we were able to take the idea of a developer community through to the complete implementation of the Jivespace Developer Community within 2.5 months of my start at Jive Software. This was a team effort with probably 20 people at Jive contributing to this launch in some way. What made this possible in such a short time was a great product (Clearspace) and a great team of smart people to make it happen!


Want to know what it's like to work at Jive Software? Watch this video to get a sense for who we are and what we do. Make sure you stick around for the outtakes at the end of the video.


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