We're working hard on the latest version of Clearspace (1.7). Our original schedule slated it for release this week but instead we're going to push it back 3 weeks to October 25th (a Thursday). Why? We wanted to spend more time making it as solid of a release as possible and we wanted to invest some more time in to a couple of the newer tweaks and improvements. After that we'll stick to our normal release process.


I thought I'd take this time to detail one of the new features coming in 1.7, better OpenSearch integration. OpenSearch is a simple set of formats for describing search engines and executing search results on different platforms. From the beginning Clearspace has published its search results in an OpenSearch-compatible format. That allows other systems to consume our results or execute against them. Want to try it? Open any Clearspace instance in your Firefox browser and your search box (usually in the upper right hand corner of the application) will show an option of searching against that instance (you should see a little Clearspace logo).


The work we did in Clearspace 1.7 allows the application itself to consume OpenSearch feeds in to one unified page. Internally, our Clearspace instance is configured to search Jivespace and Ignite as well as our internal content. What's the point of this feature? It allows you to leverage your current network of websites or applications and search them all at once.


For more details be sure to check out our video about this in Jivespace.