Behind the scenes, Jive has been having some serious departmental competition on the happy hour front. Every three weeks a different department is responsible for spending $100 and being as creative as they can be. There have been some truly amazing happy hours over the last few months. We've seen ice bars, international points of interest, tropical paradises, casinos (ok, that one went over budget), and "bad marketing" to name a few.  I have to say that my favorite part of this competition is to see just how creative (and competitive) the company really is. As busy as we all are, each team went all out and really thought through how to make their event fun.


For "bad marketing," the marketing team sent out spam, replaced the header on our Clearspace instance with clip art, plastered the office with "win a car" fliers, and put "sponsored by" logos on everything (the cabinets were sponsored by "wood"). But it had to be the Clearspace infomercial that stole the show. Michael and Chris, stars of the fake spot, pulled it off in one day--finishing from the An Avent Apart Design Conference in San Francisco at 4am.








The video was so good, that some folks visiting Jive asked if we really did make a commercial. As much as we love what Michael and Chris made, I think we'll spare airing it on the USA Network at 3am.