About three months ago, John Miner (fellow Portlander; used to run Intel Capital) introduced me to Marty Kagan. We had been on the hunt for a good VP of Engineering for a long time, but given how naturally picky we are, and how important this role is to such an engineering-focused company, we weren't able to find anyone who fit the bill. Portland has a lot of great companies, but not many that are similar to Jive, so we were about to jump into the executive recrtuiting/relocation game. And then along came Marty.


Marty just got it. He understood what we're doing, where we're going and all of the pain points we're feeling.


Having had a very successful career at Cisco, Marty has spent the last eight years at Akamai, where he grew a large organization as the VP of Engineering. He also understood the sales perspective, having been the top SE for EMEA -- a ridiculously cool trait for any Engineering VP. And, thankfully, his family picked Portland as the next place for them to live. So he literally fell in our lap at the right time.


All of Marty's references were glowing, but the best part of the process was to read his LinkedIn profile. It's possibly the most effusive collection of references I've ever seen. Thankfully, not the standard BS references a lot people dutifully throw up to satisfy a partner, but thoughtful, genuine insights into how he works with people and what he's achieved.


So please welcome Marty to the team. We're thrilled to have him. (I expect I'll have to say that on LinkedIn as well.)