Changing company logos is akin to coming up with a new national flag. It never immediately feels like you. And honestly, logos are a pain in the butt. It's hard stuff and harder at Jive because we're so passionate about good ones. Not to mention, our old logo has been around for seven years and has a lot of sentimental value. We've had to deal with new logos at the product level the last couple of years. For you die-hards, you might remember my post on what it took to come up with the Clearspace logo many moons ago.


But before then, we had planned to change Jive's corporate logo. The "Bullhorn" didn't represent collaboration as much as it did an individual voice. And it certainly didn't match the new product logos and corporate identity. We hired a designer to help us back then but it didn't result in anything we loved. It was just a painful experience and we decided to table it and concentrate on Clearspace.


That  behind us now, we embarced on re-addressing Jive's logo a few months ago and this time we shared responsibility in designing it with our mate Raja who had helped us with our product logos. Our design team lead by Michael (with help from Chris, John, Ryan and Amy) were equal members with Raja and Mike Erickson in arriving at the new mark. Big props go to them. 


So, today we begin the long, arduous process of switching out the "old bully" with our new mark. We've started with our website and will be fully transitioned over the next couple of months. We're super happy with Jive's new logo and hope you like it, too. Even though it's brand new, we already feel like it perfectly reflects who we are as a company.