We put out a press release today about some of the great things that happened in 2007 and how we've taken on a leadership position in this rapidly evolving space. While I'm not one who enjoys flat out boasting, it is very important to us that our successes are recognized so we can build the credibility we need to continue our quest to help companies find smarter ways to work. A couple of the bullet points from the release:


  • We added nearly 800 customers

  • We saw an increase of 325% in annual sales

  • We now have over 2,000 customers, including over 15% of the Fortune 500


Also, to help us steer through this growth phase, we're announced the appointment of Tony Zingale to our Board of Directors. Tony is a Valley heavyweight, with over 30 years of tech experience including his role as the CEO of Mercury Interactive and Clarify. Tony has already been a fantastic addition to the team -- he's got a ton of energy and knows the game inside and out. I couldn't be happier to have him on board.


Download our press release