Our Clearspace 2.0 launch was very exciting. The media, blogosphere, and twittersphere response was overwhelming. Our team has been cranking hard for many months to bring Clearspace 2.0 to market, and it is an honor to have this much interest in our work. A big thanks to everyone at Jive. Below is a sample of the 50+ articles that were written about the new 2.0 and the Jotlet acquisition:



Buzz factor


The chart below shows the blogging buzz surrounding Jive Software this past Monday & Tuesday, versus the past two months (from Nielsen BuzzMetrics' BlogPulse). Big spike! Look to the right of the chart:




As the Clearspace 2.0 dust settles


We'll be writing a series posts over the next few weeks to walk-through the new features that we're most excited about:


  • Personalized homepage - The widgetized home page is geared to drive faster adoption and improve employee focus and attention

  • Expanded profile and org charts - Rich user profiles and organizational relationships increase context about people and make it easier to develop connections and find expertise. It provides a Facebook-like user browsing experience, but presented in a business-oriented org chart.

  • Project spaces - Projects are designed to drive cross-functional productivity and manage towards an outcome, with tasks, checkpoints, and calendar views.

  • Sharepoint integration - Integration helps bring unity across a common corporate intranet and leverages existing systems rather than creating yet another siloed system.

  • External document sharing - Secure document sharing outside the firewall enables productivity tools to be extended to external partners and vendors when needed.

  • Audit tools - The admin console's audit view provides visibility and control to IT administrators regarding any changes in the admin console.

  • Backend upgrades - Upgrades to the core Clearspace underpinnings make it faster and more reliable.


Stay tuned! We're looking forward to hearing what you think about Clearspace 2.0.