Our software engineers have been diligently working on Jive Clearspace 2.5 (formerly known as 2.1) over the past several weeks, and we've been putting it through its paces inside Jive. Many have blogged and videoed (?) about it:


Sneak @ one super-tiny Clearspace 2.5 feature


Does your wiki have the Q&A blues?



One other thing we've been working on is the brand-new, not-even-announced-yet, Clearstep business community. This community is already rockin' with both Jive and non-Jive customers. They're sharing good and bad practices about implementing social software inside their organizations. They're sharing about how to roll out thriving online communities, too. The best thing about that community is that it's designed to be vendor-agnostic.


For me, though, I'm most excited about something we'll be offering our customers starting in August, as part of pilot engagements. We will go beyond the software, and really tackle the hard part of any social software implementation: user adoption.


You see, Jive created a cross-functional research team back in April 2008. They visited ten of our largest F500 customers to figure out what was working and what wasn't with their internal Clearspace deployments. They spoke to over 100 business professionals at the executive, mid-level management, and end user levels, and brought back what became over 100 pages of raw, qualitative data (I'm on page 56 at the moment).


The resulting report, which we gave to those customers who participated, highlighted some very compelling patterns across every organization. One of them was that much help was needed to figure out good practices for getting more people to "migrate" their work behavior to be more transparent and sharing.


Now, the next "version" of that research team (that would be Derek DeMoro and I) have put together what we hope is an answer to those needs:





This program is still being formulated, but watch for more information about it and about Jive Clearspace 2.5 very soon!