Ever wish you could find someone working on social media or Enterprise 2.0 efforts at other companies, same as you? Wish you could pick their brain about how the heck they justified the implementation cost? Found that elusive ROI? Tricks to get employees to use it? Best way to communicate your new online community to your brand fanbase?


Ever wish you could do this without all of we pesky software vendors trying to market to you the whole time?


Well, now you can.


Jive Software (your favorite pesky software vendor) is proud to announce the new Clearstep business community (register today - it's free!).


There's already quite a bit of activity in Clearstep. It's segmented into two areas:





Online Communities

Build, manage, and measure your community successfully


Social media folks focused on external-facing communities will be most interested in these discussions, tips and tricks. Current hot topics include (requires registration):


  Engagement with Social Media: Personal vs. Business purposes?

Why Most Online Communities Fail

Recommendations for human moderation vendor?

What are community metrics that you measure?






Internal Collaboration

Discover best practices in leveraging enterprise social software


Enterprise 2.0 advocates focused on internal social networking and collaboration will be most interested in this area. Current hot topics include:


Do reputation points help or hurt?

What's your Governance Model Look Like?

Enterprise 2.0 Use Cases

How do you select your pilot groups?


Want to know the best part about this community? It is completely vendor-agnostic. That's right. There are folks discussing solutions from Microsoft, Jive (obviously), IBM, Atlassian, etc. The community managers are absolutely committed to keeping this place vendor-agnostic and marketing-free so that the truly valuable conversations can be had.


And last I checked, the majority of participants work at very recognizable Fortune 500 companies.


Makes you wonder if the old customer reference requests are a thing of the past. You can now just participate in Clearstep, and ask your peers yourself.


Register today!