Any successful software company doesn’t try to “take the hill” alone. Partnerships are critical to growing faster, smarter, and most importantly, delivering the best results for Jive’s customers. We have a ton of talented, creative, intelligent people, but our SBS leadership would not have been possible without our valued partners.


These partnerships can take on many shapes and forms, including:


  • Technology Partners who enable us to extend the capabilities of our product to provide the most feature rich offering on the market.
  • System Integrators who understand Jive’s product thoroughly and deliver successful projects.
  • Agencies and Strategic Consultants who provide Social Business Software guidance and complement our own Strategy Practice.
  • Jive Resellers who have relationships in markets and verticals that expand the reach of our own sales team.
  • OEM Partners who embed Jive within their products to provide their customers with more extensive offerings.
  • Government Experts and International Partners who help us navigate these growing market opportunities.
  • Our Customers, who we have always viewed as our partners,thatleverage their experience in their own domains, as well as their experience with Jive’s products, to create incredible solutions that can be shared with the market.



The best thing about our partners is their approach to servicing customers. I come from an old school consulting background early in my career and many times the approach there is to play defense when attacking a problem. Figuring a way not to fail vs. figuring out a way to do something legendary. One of the greatest things about Jive is working with people who have the desire to be legendary. Our partners share that approach.



I always tell customers and partners from the outset that no relationship is perfect all the time…just ask Mrs. Brown. It’s about being able to work together, to disagree and work through that disagreement, to realize it’s not about winning, but about winning together for mutual success, that really produces those legendary results.



There are too many partners worthy of recognition to single them out here by name -- I would be fearful of an oversight and thus not giving them their deserved credit. Going forward I will blog here about specific examples of our partners accomplishments and the success stories they have created. In the meantime, here is a list of recent news about our partnerships.



Suffice to say, we appreciate and value our partner ecosystem and look forward to growing those relationships and developing others.


Jive Partners truly rock!