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At this point, even my dad has asked me what I think about Google Wave (sorry Dad for any tech-savvy intimations!). Since Wave is in the process of rolling out to a much larger audience of testers and developers, it seemed like an appropriate time to jot down some thoughts about it. But first, an announcement: as widely discussed around the web, Wave uses the XMPP protocol under the hood and in particular works with the Openfire XMPP server (see Wave Federation install docs). Openfire was developed by Jive and we continue to sponsor it as an Open Source project. Up to this point, Openfire has been available under the GPL license. We've moved Openfire to the more liberal Apache 2.0 Open Source license, which is the same license used for the Google Wave Federation project. This change is already reflected in the Openfire source tree and an official release will be made soon. We hope and believe that the more liberal Apache 2.0 license will help unleash a new wave of innovation around Openfire (bad pun gleefully intended).


So, Wave itself -- though the project is still in the early stages (and far from ready for prime-time, especially in an enterprise setting) it's generated an enormous amount of buzz. No doubt a large part of that excitement is due to it being from Google. But more importantly, Wave is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a web browser with a super rich and real-time user experience. It serves as inspiration to all of us that develop collaboration software. While it's still a bit early for Jive to have an official position on Wave, we're definitely following it closely and the Wave concepts align well with our roadmap. So much has been written about Wave already that I won't attempt to duplicate any of the existing detailed overviews. But I do have my personal three favorite things about Wave:


  1. Wave will help drive adoption of HTML 5 by serving as such a compelling example of what that technology makes possible.
  2. Wave uses XMPP as the back-end protocol. Yes, I'm a nerd for loving a protocol.
  3. Federation is baked-in. This was a visionary move by Google and big win for an open internet in the new world of monolithic web sites/services.


It will be fun to watch where all of this goes.

How was your summer?


As the newest member of Jive's executive team, I spent a good part of my summer Jiving with our incredible customers: a powerful, forward-thinking community that's leading the global shift toward a social business mandate. And I have to share an "ah-hah" moment I had from those conversations: our customers don't just work inside Jive, they love Jive! There's a passion for Jive unlike any other software solution I've been associated with.


And it's really showing up in the traction we're getting for our inaugural community conference: JiveWorld09. Registration is so strong, so early, that we'll most likely be ending registrations next week - a full month before the conference. I'm not complaining, mind you!  In the year of the "non-conference" I'm thrilled our customers are making an exception to tight travel budgets and taking time away from the office to join us in San Francisco.


I'm sure it helps that this not your run-of-the-mill conference around a run-of-the-mill product - and that this is the first opportunity you and your fellow Jivers have had a chance to come together. Just wait until you see who's going to be there: we have a jaw-dropping roster of Jive customers participating as speakers and panelists.


Working inside Jive takes a variety of forms, and we're holding a video contest to encourage our customers to share what it means personally to them and their organization to “Jive Together.” The results will be shown at JiveWorld09 as video mashups and, from what I've seen to date it's nothing short of amazing how innovative our customers are.


If you're still on the fence on attending - perhaps still sifting through a backlog of to do's from your summer - please do register sooner rather than later!


BTW, you may have seen the recent blog post that Jive's CEO - Dave Hersh - and his family are moving to the Bay Area. On behalf of the small (but energetic) group of Bay Area Jivers,we'd like to welcome Dave and his family to the Golden State. We look forward tohaving them - and their discretionary income - help us chip away at California's budget deficit.

This morning the National Journal Group launched 3121, which is powered by Jive. 3121 is a very ambitious project in the public sector – a networking tool designed exclusively for congressional members and staff to help make the legislative process more effective and efficient. Hill staffers can locate and collaborate with colleagues and create personalized news filters using Jive's secure platform.


This news just adds to Jive's momentum in providing secure social solutions for government agencies. Jive SBS already serves as the social collaboration platform at a number of high profile U.S. government projects including the A-Space program, Military Homefront, NASA, and Air Force Medical Service Knowledge Exchange.


My favorite statement about the launch comes from Chris Contakes, chief technology officer of National Journal Group:


"We had two key requirements for the 3121 system: it had to break down the silos that exist between staffers, offices, and chambers, and it had to be secure. Jive is already the Social Business Software standard for several federal departments, and it has an excellent security track record within the U.S. intelligence community. We believe Jive is an excellent choice to help staffers reach new levels of collaboration and cooperation on key legislation."


You can read more about it in Jive's press release on the launch news.

As Jive’s CMO, I have the privilege of blogging about our newest offering, the Jive Market Engagement Solution. I'm confident this solution is going to rock the world of marketers everywhere!


Usually we blog on a new product concurrent with issuing the press release announcing that product. However, in the final moments Monday of preparing the news for release, my time was focused on another developing story at Jive: our first community conference – JiveWorld09 – is on the verge of a sell out!


Now that we’ve creatively added more capacity to JiveWorld, I’d like to share some thoughts about yesterday's announcement and why I'm so excited.


First, the facts: our Market Engagement Solution is a new product that combines the power of buzz monitoring with Jive Social Business Software (SBS). We’ve selected Radian6 – a leading social media monitoring platform for understanding "the big conversation" occurring in the social web – and tightly fused it with Jive SBS. Marketers bring observations from Radian6 into a “Market Space,” a new element of Jive SBS. There, marketers add other observations – perhaps a tweet or blog post – and socialize those observations with colleagues. Think of it as our version of the "War Room," where the right people come together at a moment’s notice. Once a plan of attack is established, actionable Viewpoints are published to help organizations move faster in the moment of pain or opportunity.


And because the solution is available via the cloud, there’s no need to wait behind other initiatives for IT resources.


The time is now for this approach as marketers are in a lather about the increasing velocity of social conversations and are struggling to stay on top of those conversations. When we were preparing for press interviews - more on the market reaction in a moment - our PR team reminded me of the classic I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory. They manage at first, but you're probably smiling now as you remember how quickly they were buried in a speeding conveyer belt of chocolates. Like Lucy and Ethel, marketers are getting buried in alerts and “helpful” heads-up emails as yet another co-worker asks “I saw some customers twittering that they are dying to have feature X in the product. Should we do it?” And as those emails circulate throughout an organization, people are reminded that “Reply All” is not effective for collaborating on a firestorm or real-time, online sentiment.


At Jive, we are electrified by the responses we’re getting from customers, and the market reaction has been equally electrifying:



For more reactions, please see our News section.


As always, thanks for taking time today to Jive with us. If you haven’t already done so, please register now for JiveWorld. Even though we increased capacity, we’re still limited in the number of additional registrations we can accept and we don’t you want to miss out on seeing Jive's Market Engagement Solution – and all the other powerful capabilities of Jive SBS – up close and personal in San Francisco!

When co-founders Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch started Jive in the dark moments of 2001, they probably couldn’t have imagined that their idea would one day become a trusted solution to government agencies as they tackle some of the big challenges of our time.  8 years later, we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. government to bring the power of Social Business Software to the complex task of serving and protecting over 300 million people. 


In today’s press release we reference how our work with the U.S. intelligence community, and organizations like NASA, the U.S. Army, Air Force Medical Services is helping to connect the dots – agency to agency, department to department, people to people and system to system.  While programs like A-Space have gained the buzz- worthy moniker "Facebook for Spies," for the Defense Intelligence Agency, this is serious business. 


Our success speaks to the Federal Government's vision and commitment to following the Presidential call for a more collaborative government.  Our success is also a testament to the strength of Jive’s SBS solution, and the security it offers.


But this is only the beginning. Stay tuned!

Even though I've been using Jive for over two years, I still have those moments at work when I'm reminded, "Wow, getting this project done/question answered/problem solved would have never been possible if I still worked the way I used to."


At the Jive offices, we all have a better appreciation for what it means to work together. Which is why I am really excited about our video contest, "What Does Jive Together Mean To You?", which we launched last week.


We launched this contest because we plan to do a creative mashup for our inaugural community conference, JiveWorld09, that's taking place in late October. (BTW, have you checked out the amazing agenda and customer sessions lined up?)


What does "Jiving together" mean to the companies and pioneers who are leading the effort to integrate the social web into their business environment? We've left the question open-ended purposely because it has to be.  There are infinite variations to this question depending on industry, company lifecycle, culture and initiatives. And you're invited -- whether or not you can make it to the conference -- to post your video in response to ours. Besides the inspiration we hope our customer EMC and our own video will provide, here are some fun videos people have posted about Facebook and Twitter.


We'd love to have you enter the contest. It's also a chance to win a Flip HD Camcorder (shameless promotional plug ).  So what are you waiting for? Can't wait to see what you dream up.



In a bid to make the internet a better place for web developers, there's been a big effort lately to kill IE 6. My favorite part of the story is Microsoft themselves, with a promise to donate food on behalf of people that upgrade from IE6 to IE8:


Picture 12.png


Our UI team regularly curses the large set of workarounds and compromises that IE6 support forces on them. Such is the reality of being an enterprise software vendor -- we still have many customers using the browser as a corporate standard (and believe it or not, there are some real reasons to delay the upgrade due to the expense of re-writing internal webapps that were specifically targeted at IE6).


On the other hand, I talk to plenty of customers and prospects that are clamoring for us to keep pushing the boundary of what's possible with social software in a web browser, especially after they've seen and tested Google Wave. Dropping IE6 will let us develop richer features faster and with less bugs. We're already committed to supporting it in our next release, but here's my question: should Jive drop official IE6 support in our release after next? No promises on timing of that release of course, but we're likely talking about late next Spring. We'll be conducting a more official survey, but your non-scientific opinion counts too! Leave a blog comment or tweet me @matttucker. And, cheers to a better internet for everyone.

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