When co-founders Matt Tucker and Bill Lynch started Jive in the dark moments of 2001, they probably couldn’t have imagined that their idea would one day become a trusted solution to government agencies as they tackle some of the big challenges of our time.  8 years later, we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. government to bring the power of Social Business Software to the complex task of serving and protecting over 300 million people. 


In today’s press release we reference how our work with the U.S. intelligence community, and organizations like NASA, the U.S. Army, Air Force Medical Services is helping to connect the dots – agency to agency, department to department, people to people and system to system.  While programs like A-Space have gained the buzz- worthy moniker "Facebook for Spies," for the Defense Intelligence Agency, this is serious business. 


Our success speaks to the Federal Government's vision and commitment to following the Presidential call for a more collaborative government.  Our success is also a testament to the strength of Jive’s SBS solution, and the security it offers.


But this is only the beginning. Stay tuned!