This morning the National Journal Group launched 3121, which is powered by Jive. 3121 is a very ambitious project in the public sector – a networking tool designed exclusively for congressional members and staff to help make the legislative process more effective and efficient. Hill staffers can locate and collaborate with colleagues and create personalized news filters using Jive's secure platform.


This news just adds to Jive's momentum in providing secure social solutions for government agencies. Jive SBS already serves as the social collaboration platform at a number of high profile U.S. government projects including the A-Space program, Military Homefront, NASA, and Air Force Medical Service Knowledge Exchange.


My favorite statement about the launch comes from Chris Contakes, chief technology officer of National Journal Group:


"We had two key requirements for the 3121 system: it had to break down the silos that exist between staffers, offices, and chambers, and it had to be secure. Jive is already the Social Business Software standard for several federal departments, and it has an excellent security track record within the U.S. intelligence community. We believe Jive is an excellent choice to help staffers reach new levels of collaboration and cooperation on key legislation."


You can read more about it in Jive's press release on the launch news.