I've seen quite a bit of buzz about Cisco's social software announcement yesterday. Honestly, Jive is excited to see Cisco entering the social software market. For years, Cisco has used Jive Social Business Software (SBS) for its customer and partner facing communities. In fact, the yesterday's launch of the Enterprise Collaboration Platform was managed via a community built on Jive SBS.


Jive shares Cisco's vision of unified communication and collaboration eventually merging, and we both believe social software will be central to this shift. The difference is the approach, as Tony Bates, SVP of Cisco, said in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. Cisco will continue to be the leader in communications plumbing, using social software to integrate its set of communications tools including WebEx, Jabber, and Telephony.  Meanwhile, Jive will continue to focus on engaging employees, partners, customers, and prospects where and how they work, with Jive's SBS platform co-existing with collaboration and content systems from Cisco, Microsoft, and others.


We will be watching Cisco's developments closely as they start rolling out products mid-next year. And just as Google Wave is helping to push the envelope, Jive welcomes the contributions from the biggest technology players to help enterprises deliver on the goals of Social Business Software.