filtrbox logoAs you may have just seen in our press release, we're kicking 2010 off in a big way with our acquisition of Filtrbox. Needless to say, we're thrilled about bringing them into the fold here at Jive, as this is a category-busting acquisition that moves us closer to our vision of enabling the real-time enterprise.


As we begin 2010, the global economy has truly become a conversation economy, where the social web is fueling faster and smarter business decisions.  While search was king in the first generations of the Web, conversation has become a very powerful force that will continue to grow over the coming years. Meanwhile, the application of social media monitoring today as a listening platform is really just the tip of the iceberg. Businesses are only starting to take advantage of the real-time web.  As the social layer that connects people, content, and activities across the extended enterprise, Jive's vision is to serve as a company's real-time business hub by providing traction in four business-critical areas:


  • Velocity: the ability for companies to make decisions driven by conversations inside the organization and in the marketplace
  • Authenticity: the ability to participate in a real-time, two-way dialog internally and externally
  • Engagement: putting the focus of Social Business Software on employees, customers and partners, versus simply processes and data
  • Transparency: the ability to hold business-critical conversations without regard to organizational or functional divides or time and distance barriers


We looked at all of the top providers in the space, and Filtrbox truly wowed us with incredible technology, a similar vision for the real-time enterprise, and an accessible, user-friendly application that makes it easy to prioritize feeds and dial the "noise" up or down to manage information overload.


If you are interested in hearing more about how Filtrbox will complement Jive's product offering, Chris Morace gives a great perspective on this acquisition in his blog post today, in addition to a detailed FAQ on our website.


The acquisition of Filtrbox signifies a major step in the future of SBS, as social media listening and engagement goes from niche technology to a powerful part of the overall equation.  We're certain that our customers will see a huge benefit from this combination and are hopeful that it will inspire them to transform the way that business is done.