My Mom always likes to put everything in a positive light. We call it her "golden paintbrush." She can take any crappy piece of news and find some way to make it look positive. It's a great trait, but sometimes you're like "c'mon….the dog died! It sucks and that's it."


Well a lot of these momentum releases from companies can be like that. They try to put the golden paintbrush on their results and do what they can to make it look like the dog dying is a good thing. Well, I can't tell you how great it is to have a company like Jive at this point in time where I don't have to do that. 2009 rocked.


Like a lot of companies, we went in with a "hunker down" philosophy. But we worked incredibly hard to put ourselves in the best position possible going into 2010. And thanks to our amazing customers, partners, employees and community we have done just that. We have furthered our vision in a dramatic way and secured our leadership position in the space.


I am incredibly proud of our team and their dedication, optimism, talent, and unstoppable drive to make big things happen. And now, after a very brief chance to relax over the holidays, we're back at it with our Worldwide 2010 Kickoff. And being together here with our extended team, it's clear how much we have accomplished.


The last three months of 2009 were truly telling of how far we've come – from the inaugural JiveWorld 2009 community conference, to the release of Jive SBS 4.0, to Gartner's positioning of Jive as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant report to the great financial results and new customer list. Here's a few of the items that make my life a lot more enjoyable – and that need no golden paintbrush.


  • Financials – For 2009, we increased our full year revenue 85 percent over 2008, capping the most successful year in Jive's history, and we were cash flow positive for the year.
  • Customers – We had another record year for new and renewed business including Booz Allen Hamilton, Bupa, EMC, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kaiser Permanente, Life Technologies, Manheim, Musician's Friend, Qualcomm, SAP, Scheels Sports, Sling Media, Sprint, StrongMail, Swiss Re and United Business Media Limited.  In addition, Jive hosted its first Annual Jive Social Business Software (SBS) Awards at JiveWorld09.  Six customers: United Business Media (UBM), NIKE Inc., National Journal Group, CSC, Kaiser Permanente, and Swiss Re were awarded for their outstanding achievements exemplifying the business outcomes that Social Business Software can generate.
  • Product – 2009 was our most ambitious and productive year of product innovation in our history. Starting with Jive SBS 3.0 in March, we followed up with the first cloud edition of Jive SBS, and then finished the year strong with a string of new solutions in the fall that was capped off by  the release of Jive SBS 4.0 in October. We also embarked on an exciting new strategy to extend a social layer across an organization's content silos. The first module under the new strategy, released in October, is Jive Connects for Microsoft SharePoint, a deep integration between Jive SBS and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Community – We sold out our inaugural JiveWorld Conference in San Francisco almost a month in advance, and it was a huge success with the attendees.  We're already planning next year's event and it promises to be twice as big and interesting.





Our momentum and progress only motivates us to serve our customers and innovate even more.  We're making some big investments this year and are excited for what's in store. The Filtrbox acquisition is a big start, and we've got a lot more coming. Thankfully, it doesn't look like I'll need the paintbrush anytime soon.