Ever noticed how some companies are able to not only survive tough economic conditions, but actually excel?  Jive customer ArcSight is one of those companies.


As a bit of background, ArcSight, who recently announced 39% year over year growth during their Q2 earnings call, provides security and compliance management solutions that protect businesses and government agencies.  Their customer list is impressive – T-Mobile, McAfee, the Defense Information Systems Agency, the FAA... the list goes on.


What I found most interesting about them was this – nearly 50% of ArcSight’s revenue comes from existing customers.  With this in mind, they re-launched a new and improved version of their external community (powered by Jive's public community software) at their user conference that encourages customers to connect with each other to share mission critical information, and to encourage each other with stories of success or trials and errors.  For the notoriously private, "close to the vest" security community, this is a very big deal.  It turns out, there was a tremendous hunger to share and receive information with trusted associates about what’s working and not working… all they needed was the right communications channel, which is what PROTECT 724 has become.


Also, a key engine powering their solution is the information shared by customers including content they’ve created, and rules that alert when malicious activity occurs in the network. In other words, the more customers who share the ArcSight content, the stronger the solution becomes.  Although the community only launched in mid-Sept, they have already seen a significant uptick in the number of people sharing.


For ArcSight, this is only the beginning.  In the second and third phases of their community plans, they’ll be introducing greater levels of sophistication in what Social Business Software can do for their business and their customers.