Nothing makes our day like a customer being recognized for “excellence” in their use of Social Business Software.  The Society for New Communications Research recently presented the prestigious SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards to not one, but FOUR of our customers: Manheim, NetApp, SAP and Sprint. The detailed case studies found here truly capture the essence of the biggest issues facing enterprises as we move into 2010 and beyond.  It’s anything but business as usual.


For Manheim, their Jive implementation needed to show senior management, “the business benefits of social and how it will be crucial in helping us meet our changing communications needs,” according to Jennifer Bouani from Manheim.  This is an issue many companies face, and the case study has some wonderful insights into how they pulled off such great success.


Take Sprint as another example – they launched an internal community to positively impact its reputation among employees and building brand ambassadors from the inside out, calling the community “Sprint Space.”  Sprint Space is open to all 49,000 employees, and from what Sprint has reported, they are seeing high levels of adoption among its customer facing employees in retail store and customer service operations - approximately 75% of Sprint's employee base.


NetApp launched NetApp Live using Jive SBS as part of a major rebranding effort to provide employees with a new tool to help them help customers "Go further, faster." After an initial pilot for just over 1,000 users, adoption jumped to more than 8,468 in a little over 12 months.


Lastly, SAP America was recognized for excellence in Collaboration and Co-Creation for its University Alliance Program which is based on Jive SBS. The University Alliance Program represents 900 member campuses in more than 40 countries. To date, over 175,000 students are registered on the system with a goal to have over one million students active in the community by 2012.  Using the system, hundreds of jobs have been filled by applicants who were connected to the community via the job board and the community has generated interest among the larger SAP community network. It is now accessed via the top link tab across the entire system -- as seen by 1.8 million SAP users.


The people behind these initiatives are truly the heroes of the Social Business Software movement – the people changing the way we all work.  We congratulate each of you, and thank you for your perseverance and vision.