Over the last couple years, as part of Jive's Product Marketing team, it's been amazing to watch the impact that social media has had on marketing.  There is no doubt that Marketing's world has changed forever.  Whether you believe it or not, the fact is that customers have never had more power and higher expectations around authentic dialogue.  Check out this video if you still have doubts.   Or better yet check out Paul Greenberg's new book, CRM at the Speed of Light 4th Edition.  The Jive team had the pleasure of working with Paul here at the Jive offices the last two days.  I learned a ton, and also was happy to hear Paul's positive feedback towards several of the customer examples we showed him and how they support social CRM strategies.




However, as I prepare for next week's webcast with Steve Ziemba, Dir. of Social Media at WOMMA, and Darren Guarnaccia, VP of Prod. Marketing at Sitecore, and reflect on the panel discussions I was on at the Gilbane conference just last month, I still see many of us Marketer's in a state of mind of 'Where do I start?' or 'What KPI's will social help drive?'.


So that's exactly where I'm going to focus my discussion, as part two of this 90 minute webcast.  I plan on covering similar real-world examples we walked Paul through -- Marketers out in the wild using Jive SBS to turn this conversation economy to their advantage -- RIM, IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group), National Instruments, Intel, or Bank of America. Maybe others...still finalizing which will provide the best lessons that you can take home and use in your organization.


It's going to be great though, I promise. A few of the key areas I'll be hitting, include:

  • The best way to get started engaging targeted audiences 
    • How to find your influencers and turn them into brand champions
  • Examples of becoming a conversation hub
    • How to ignite and leverage the passion of your advocates to drive Marketing KPI's
  • Growing your existing customer relationships 
    • How to integrate social with more traditional customer marketing campaigns such as the annual conference.


I'd love to have you join us:


Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Time: 2:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Pacific
Duration: 90 Minutes (First half will be Darren - 7 Habits for Website Conversions)

Click here for event registration and details