When a Jive customer is prominently featured twice in the media in one week - including in The Economist - you know that customer is doing something special with Social Business Software!


That customer is the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and in this week's The Economist magazine you'll find the DIA featured in the magazine's special report on social networking in the workplace. A-Space, the DIA's Jive-powered secure social networking platform, connects over 14,000 members of the U.S. intelligence community. We're thrilled to see A-Space program manager Ahmad Ishaq and his colleagues highlighted for the work they're doing to break down information silos in an innovative application of Social Business Software. And that second story I mentioned on the DIA? OhMyGov this week included A-Space in their list of top government social networks. If you’d like to learn more about A-Space, join us for a live webcast on February 10th. I'll be speaking with Ahmad about the DIA's journey with Social Business Software, focusing on topics including techniques for increasing adoption of enterprise 2.0 technologies.


We are also thrilled to see The Economist covering what we’ve been seeing over the past year – Social Business Software has become mainstream in business. Gone are questions like "are these technologies a good fit for the workplace?" Now the questions include "how fast can I implement Social Business Software?" as companies look to impact everything from generating new product ideas faster to compressing product life cycles to shortening sales cycles and of course improving customer satisfaction rates. Or, in the case of the DIA, how many lives are saved. As reporter Martin Giles points out in the article, “… In the corporate world such hoarding (of information) leads to lost profits. In the world of intelligence it can lead to lost lives.”


Social Business Software has come a long way from being seen as simply "Facebook for business." For more proof points, just check out the announcement we made earlier this week on Toshiba America Business Systems (TABS) and their implementation of Jive Social Business Software (SBS) to improve channel performance.


From all of us at Jive, congratulations to our friends at the DIA and to the hundreds of global organizations - including more than 25% of the Fortune 100 - who are putting Jive SBS to work in transforming their organizations. We're honored to be your business partner, and to help you set the pace for business for the next decade.