Hi, I'm Ari Newman. I was Founder and President at Filtrbox, and am now going to be managing the Jive Market Engagement (JME)  platform at Jive. Its been an exciting first few weeks as a Jive employee and I wanted to tell you a little more about myself before I go any further. I've been involved in early-stage technology companies for over 13 years, and have been passionate about disruptive technologies for as long as I can remember. This is why I started Filtrbox, and why I'm so excited to be part of Jive. Social Business software is changing the way companies operate, and Jive is leading the revolution! You can find more about me here, and on Twitter.


It’s only been a couple of weeks since Filtrbox and Jive joined forces, but I’m already more excited than ever about the combination of the two companies. We were confident going in it would be a great culture fit—we’re both equally passionate about providing intuitive tools that people love to use, and share a vision for helping companies leverage the power of the real-time Web to improve responsiveness, efficiency, and profitability. Now that we are  drilling deeper into the solutions we’ll deliver in the coming months and years, and the way our customers will use them, the full potential of our joint efforts is becoming clear.


The reality is simple: the Social, real-time Web is where it’s happening today—it’s where brands are made or ruined, where buyers look for guidance, where market trends first emerge, where influencers from top analysts to the trendsetter down the street spread their word-of-mouth. This has a lot of different implications for businesses—here are just a couple:
  • Social media is either an uncontrolled X factor that keeps you up at night, or a new source of actionable intelligence you can put to work in powerful new ways. It comes down to whether you have the right tools in place, and whether you have empowered the organization to jump in.
  • It’s also now clear that social media is a new communication channel for customer service, maybe the most important one yet. The evolution started with phone support, then help tickets, then email, then Web-based support—each step brought companies closer to their customers. The social Web is the next step, and it brings you closer than you’ve ever been, in real-time. As long as you’re set up to use it, that is—otherwise, it’s the other guy who’s getting closer to your customers.


For enterprises and brand managers, the exciting thing about making Filtrbox part of Jive is that it combines real time social media monitoring and engagement with social business software so you can fully take advantage of what’s happening on the Web. Think of it this way: Filtrbox helps you identify important conversations and Jive gives you the community in which to have a meaningful interaction around them. Together, they help you do things like:
  • Breaking social media monitoring out of its silo and making it easy for more people in the company to listen, interact, and respond to customers where they live online
  • More than just posting links—actually using social media insights to fuel private conversations among experts across the enterprise so they can make better-informed decisions, faster
  • Preserving the full meaning and value of customer feedback by keeping it in its original context—tweets, blog posts, comments, etc.—so it retains its spirit and sense of urgency (nothing kills momentum faster than copying text from the Web to email to a document to another email …)
  • Making business conversations more fluid by keeping them in that same social media context. After all, what document-based discussion has ever been as dynamic, engaging, and fast-paced as a good Twitter interaction?


As I see it, with this acquisition, social media monitoring and engagement is rising out of its infancy. The months ahead are going to transform the way companies engage with their customers, and unlock incredible new business value in the real-time Web. I’m pretty psyched about it.
If you’re as excited as I am, sign up for a trial of Filtrbox and join the revolution!