Jive's history has included many big decisions and transition points. Dave stepping down as our CEO and becoming Chairman definitely qualifies. One thing Jive's co-founder Bill Lynch and I want to recognize Dave for is his consistent leadership at these critical moments. Looking back through our history, there are many company-defining examples -- taking on more office space to prepare for growth, hiring an executive for a role we'd never had before, seeking venture capital and making acquisitons. In each of those cases and many others, Dave was the voice in the room pushing us to think bigger and to go faster. Dave leading the search for a new CEO to take Jive to the next level is absolutely part of that pattern.


I remember one thought experiment Dave led us through in the early years, which was to try to imagine Jive as a one hundred person company. Perhaps the conversation was accompanied by White Russians? Memory is hazy, though it would fit... especially in the NYC days before we Jive moved west and the Portland beer culture invaded. It's amazing to reflect back now and realize that the almost impossible sounding dream from years ago is now reality twice-over. And that we are poised now for so much more.


Bill and I have never been more excited about -- or committed to -- Jive and our mission of making work social again. Thank you Dave for getting us this far and for your continued role in the next phase.